Catch Meaning

a legacy for Josh and Alex

“The meaning of life is to help others find the meaning of theirs”  ~ Viktor Frankl


A Gorgeous Gathering

700+ meaning makers, music lovers, and party people

~ thank you all for being a part of the magic ~

A special thanks to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for hosting us this year

|•| Get Ready for May 26, 2019 |•|

The meaning of life is to help others find the meaning of theirs    - Viktor Frankl

The words ~ Catch Meaning ~ combine themes, hope, and a request inspired by Alex Doody (1996-2015) & Josh Weil (1997-2015).   Alex declared "Catch Me if You Can" across the senior page of his high school yearbook,  perhaps as a challenge: keep up with me, enjoy life at my energetic, spirited, playful pace, and know that I always will be one step ahead.  Josh delved into Viktor Frankl's profound book, Man's Search for Meaning, seeking to understand how the mind works, particularly in the most challenging of situations. Josh wanted us to ask the hard questions, to confront life’s uncertainties, and to consider the struggles that people face.  Alex and Josh's powerful presence in our hearts continue to encourage us to participate and pay attention, to enjoy and to empathize, to improve ourselves and the world around us, and to catch meaning in every moment.